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Paul Mazut Corvette Restoration and Parts, LLC specialize in the restoration, repair and manufacturing of parts for early Corvettes.  Some examples of what we do are retabbing windshield posts, rebuilding  window regulators, and repairing antennas to pass PV judging. We also do NCRS, Bloomington Gold show cars or driver quality restorations from any stage to completion. Cars are prepared for PV judging as well. Get to know us from our parts list and gallery of show winning cars. Because we are a small shop, the attention to detail is of the utmost.

BiMonthly Special

original parts 016

57 thru 59 and 60 thru 62 Rebuilt Window Regulators

Outright Price $150.each. We can rebuild yours for $100. plus $35. if flat gear is needed. 

All other parts included in rebuild.


- Just added a Wanted Parts and Cars for Sale section along with a few new items in the Engine and Original Used Parts categories. 

- Convertible Tag Protector. Don't let your convertible tag curl. Keep it laying flat with this new tag protector. Click here to view. 

- We are now producing Fuel Injection Spiders. All types are in stock and ready to be shipped. We use the correct hard copper as GM did.

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